Brand Story - Experience - 大学毕业证那里有办,哪里有办大学毕业证,哪里有办毕业证的,哪可以办真的毕业证,毕业假证哪里可以办


I thought how to name our brand for a long time. In my mind, a brand name for smart products must be simple and extremely intellectual, it is a spirt,a experience and what we are always trace.

The name must integrate technology, art, aesthetic. I always think how to find these three elements in natural science and social science. The name is not simple combinations of letter,neither a fairy tale. Because these can’t fit our inner thought. May be we need to Start from a easier way. Finally we found the simplest thing is our inward feeling.

The months of thinking may be the cornerstone of mental clarity, TRASENSE(TRACE YOUR SENSE) come to my mind. It is a dynamic and fresh name.

This is the fate between we and TRASENSE.

——By Weismann.Lee